SNAP-LOK™ is the Right Choice

SNAP-LOK™ is the Right Choice

Homeowners enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and increase its value with a steel roof! WESTMAN STEEL’s SNAP-LOK™ is a premium pre-painted residential steel roof that offers unique strength, durability and long-lasting performance.

Visually appealing and cost effective, SNAP-LOK roofing lasts 40+ years longer than traditional asphalt roofs. SNAP-LOK is ideal for homes or cottages, offering a superb designer profile and a variety of colours for delivering curbside appeal.

SNAP-LOK panels are made from low maintenance steel for years of reliable and durable service. These panels will not shrink, crack, erode, or deteriorate over time. As well, because they are made of steel, ice and snow removal is made very easy. Special paints may also be applied to reflect heat in warmer climates to save on cooling costs.

SNAP-LOK is made from new and recycled steel so choosing it for your roof is one of the most environmentally friendly home improvements a homeowner may make.

Quick benefits include:

  • Increases home value
  • Wind and fire resistance
  • Long life cycle
  • Low maintenance
  • Snow and ice shedding
  • 10 colours to choose from